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SALE 351
7th October 2017

  LOT ?2719 WINDSOR ALBUM EST £ 800  
containing a well represented collection from 1840 - 1970 starting with 3 x 1d blacks, 2d blue, 1841 1d red and 8 x 2d blues, later LE pretty complete less 1d plate 225, ½d plate 9. A good run of SP plates to 2/-, 1867 5/- x 4, 1883 2/6 to 10/-, 1887 to £1 (washed), KE7 has mint or used shades to 1/- plus 2/6 & 5/- used, then KG5 used to 10/- x 2. KG6 is complete mint or used and QEII has a high degree of completeness mint or used. Most of the better stamps have faults however a "limited budget" collector has made a good stab at this.
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