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2nd & 3rd June 2018

  LOT 1544 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 8000  
a fine mint, much um, collection in 5 albums, mostly complete sets with some better. Noted a complete set of 1948 Silver Wedding sets um, Aden 1937 Dhows set, Burma 1938 to 10r, Canada 1949 officials, HK to $10, India 1937 also useful Indian States inc Chamba to 25r, Indore to 5r, good Malaya sets inc Kedah 1937, Kelantan chefs hat set, NZ postal fiscal values to £2-10-00 and £4, North Borneo 1939 to $2, Pakistan, good South Africa officials, Sudan etc. STC £43,000. Good lot.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1545 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 2250  
Crown album well filled with either mint or used mainly sets, noted all the 1948 Silver Weddings, many basic sets, fair run of Indian States but missing the expensive items. Some useful PDs and officials.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1546 COMMONWEALTH EST £ 2200  
1941 - 1970 mainly mint or um collection in 3 aged Scott albums, with several defin sets, many 1948 Silver Wedding sets, PDs etc. Useful lot to break down.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1547 COMMONWEALTH EST £ 1500  
New Ideal album containing a clean mint pre 1936 collection with good ranges throughout. Some useful KG5 with many 1935 Silver Jubilee sets, vals to 10/- seen with some GB. Worthwhile lot.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1548 COMMONWEALTH EST £ 1000  
1953 - 1970 fine used collection in 5 New Age albums, quite well filled with mostly complete sets, many defin sets etc. Not all countries present but a very solid lot with high cat. Overall very good condition.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1549 COMMONWEALTH EST £ 1000  
New Imperial albums(x 2 having a useful mint or used collection (no GB) to 1936. Most countries quite well represented with values to at least the 1/- or equiv with several higher cat stamps present. A little remaindered but plenty left inc many 1935 Silver Jubilee sets.
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1550 BALTIC STATES EST £ 1000  
1918 - 1940 mint or fu collection in Davo album comprising well filled collections from Estonia, Latvia, Memel and Lithuania with many better sets and MSs inc occupation issues. Lovely lot.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1551 EAST AFRICA EST £ 800  
Collecta album containing a mostly used collection with early BEA to 5r, KUT, KG5 to 1r and 5/-, KG6 perf types to £1, Nyasaland arms to 3/- and later to 10/-, Rhod & Nyas sets to £1, Tang giraffes to 10/- (no gum), N Rhod KG5 to 3/-, KG6 to 20/-, S Rhod KG5 to 5/-, than later sets to £1 etc. Very mixed condition. STC £5000.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1552 BALKANS EST £ 750  
1870s - 1950s a fine mint or used collection in Davo album comprises pre 1918 Montenegro and Serbia then much Yugoslavia with Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian zones, Yugoslavia general issues to 1941, Croatia 1918 - 44 which includes several MSs and sheetlets, Venezia, Giulia and Istria occupation issues, Trieste Zone B from 1949 - 1954 which includes the 1953 300d Esperanto. Good lot.
  A QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1553 KING GEORGE VI EST £ 750  
2 stock books containing a mint or um collection with many sets and some 450 higher values inc Ascension, N Borneo 1939 to 50c, Singapore $2 perf 17 etc. Useful lot to break up. STC about £5000.
  S QTY 2 items    

Africa selection of sets and part sets, all definitives and all QV to KG6, identified on about 100 stockcards with vals to 10/- and £1 noted, usual mixed condition. Ideal lot for the internet seller. STC £5000+
  B QTY 1 item    

a useful all periods collection in 2 Scott albums, several useful single country selections inc complete defin and commem sets. Strength in the KG6 and QEII issues but with some better earlies.
  A QTY 2 items    

all periods mint and used collection in 5 small albums, quite well filled with strength in QE2. Many complete definitive sets with better eg Ascension 1956, Gibraltar, Malta etc. Mostly fu and a genuine lot.
  B QTY 1 item    

  LOT 1557 FOREIGN EST £ 500  
1840 - 1936 in 2 New Ideal albums quite well filled with either mint or used. Good representation from most countries with several better stamps throughout. Strength in Europe, S America, Port Cols, Germany and States etc. Worth a look.
  A QTY 2 items    

  LOT 1558 WAR TAX EST £ 500  
collection of circa 1918 QV issues with a few better eg Bahamas 1/-, Caymans 1½d on 2½d missing bar, Ceylon double opts and inv opt, Fiji ½d opt inverted, Jamaica 3d opt inv SG 72a and SG 75a etc. Good lot.
  E QTY 1 item    

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